Summer weddings have a certain playfulness attached to them. And why not? It allows you to show off all your finery and experiment with colours irrespective of taste. So whether you want to look like a deep red hues bride or a pastel princess, a summer wedding lets you experiment no matter your preference. A summer wedding can make you look a million dollars with much ease and finesse! And isn’t that what any bride wants the most? Read on to find out the hottest bridal jewellery trends for this summer. We promise these trends can help you transform your special day into a dazzling one! 

When it comes to weddings, jewellery, without a doubt, takes centre stage. It’s the most discussed, anticipated, and loved part of the wedding trousseau. After all, bridal jewellery has a special place and continues to be a reminder of the cherished times long after the event. 

When thinking about summer bridal jewellery options for your big day, here’s what you should keep in mind! 

Before we get into particular jewellery pieces that have been trending, there’s also the matter of whether you prefer well-coordinated matching sets or would like to opt for different pieces and customize an ensemble of your choice. Both are hot this summer. So, you can go either way! 

Some brides love to coordinate their bridal jewellery sets, whether gold or diamonds or coloured gemstones, with a combination of gold or diamond in its entirety. So, whether it’s the necklace, earrings, kamar bandha, or noserings, it will all be coordinated according to your choice and design of gold or diamonds. But some brides love to experiment and want to create an amalgam of designs and traditions for that dash of glamour and intrigue. As we said, both styles are equally raising the temperature this summer season. 

Finally, the thing you should pay attention to when picking your bridal jewellery. What’s hot? 

1. Necklace: Of course, the centre of attraction is the neckpiece. There are indeed million and one options when you start looking. However, make a note that a heavy piece of necklace is a great idea, especially when these have returned with a thumping majority! Too much layering or minimalist jewellery for your neckpiece is not the best idea this summer season. For instance, the heavy bridal sets of a choker with matching equally heavy earrings are a great way to add drama and yet make that subtle statement. 

Additionally, suppose you wanted to experiment with the centrepiece. In that case, you could go for gold and gemstone studded rani haar or a traditional bridal set with a different embellishment of gold and precious stones. Adding a stunning Matha Patti with these or even a choker can complete your bridal look with divinity and glamour as your bridesmaid! 

2. Bridal bracelets, kangans/kadas/bangles: Nothing spells tradition, culture and beauty as gold bangles on a bride. Did you know that not only do bangles add aesthetics but also bring luck to the women who wear them? This jewellery piece has deep roots in ancient Greek and Indian traditions, where gold bangles represent prosperity and affluence. And what’s more, no bridal look can be considered complete without these beauties adorning your wrist. So, go big and experiment with bangles with studded stones or sparkling diamonds or simply get that ethnic and charming look with glistening yellow gold kangans. We promise you wouldn’t want to take them off so easily no matter which you go after! 


Wedding seasons are an exceptional time. And when you add the summer season to it, you know that it comes with a promise of spectacular charm and finesse. So, no matter your taste and your wedding season plans, know that as a bride, you deserve to drench yourself in luxury, elegance and jewellery that makes you feel like the most gorgeous girl in the world! And we at the Punjab Jewellery would love to make it happen! 

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