Exquisite, splendid and luxurious pieces that you can identify at a glance. Pieces that speak to you like no other jewellery has spoken to you before. If that’s the experience you are after, then ladies and gentlemen, know that you are hankering for high jewellery! 

So, the question that often gets asked is, what is high jewellery?

High jewellery consists of bespoke pieces that have gems of the finest and rarest quality. For instance, coloured diamonds, deeply hued gemstones, unique pieces that are not readily available make jewellery high jewellery. The scarcity of gemstones adds value to these pieces. Additionally, its mark is in the magnificent craftsmanship (most probably handmade) and distinctive design. It carries the label of famous designers/jewellery houses known for their couture pieces. These are high-value items and make for excellent investment options. What’s more, it can be decades old or brand new, yet its value has no bearing on it. The distinction of this kind of jewellery is in its precious metal and stone, making it high value and attractive as a collecter’s item. 

But most of all, high jewellery is never mass-produced hence giving it an exclusive and unmatched characteristic. Such pieces not only hold their value but are more likely to gain value with time. It’s safe to say that the market for high jewellery is lucrative and robust. Jewellery brands like Cartier or Tiffany’s & Co. have a separate section that is made to order according to the demands of their clients. However, the same brands also design and cater to a wide-ranging audience within their fine jewellery section. 

So, how is fine jewellery different from high jewellery? Well! One of the most important distinctions is that fine jewellery does not use the rarest and unique gems or stones. Fine jewellery consists of precious metals such as gold, silver, or platinum. The diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emerald are genuine, making fine jewellery durable and easy for daily wear. Depending on taste and choice, fine jewellery tends to cater to a larger audience, therefore, has a more significant presence.

Furthermore, fine jewellery is every bit worth your money and time. Its value cannot be downplayed or doubted. It’s a popular choice for clients interested in statement pieces they can flaunt and wear daily. Fine jewellery creations from some well-known brands or designers are just as deserving of your admiration as other high-end pieces. The blend of elegance, expertise and allure is very much a part of fine jewellery, and the popularity it enjoys is a testament to it. 

So, whether you are looking for a dazzling engagement ring or want to buy gold for gifting purposes, fine jewellery has a variety for one and all. 


When buying jewellery, whether for investment or adornment, what you need to pay attention to is what speaks to your heart. For some, it’s only the rarest of the rare that will do. Others are thrilled with genuine gemstones that suit their pocket and style. The choice is always yours to make. 

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