Without further adieu, let’s dive first into the quintessential question about gender and jewellery! Even though we are at the end of 2021 and have seen stranger things, including a pandemic whose virus refuses to stop mutating, if we must ask this question about whether men wear jewellery? Then let’s say this once and for all, Yes they do! We will go a step further and say they absolutely should! Men can and do wear jewellery because women do not have the sole prerogative of jewellery connoisseurs.

With that out of the way. And the festive season ahead of us. How about we tell you two pieces of men’s jewellery that would make an ideal gift for men.


Traditional and with purpose! Why do we say that? Because most rings that we see men use as daily wear happens to be their wedding ring. It’s improbable for men to buy a cocktail ring with studded gemstones and diamonds. Yes, there are Super Bowl rings, but they are not for everyone. However, when it comes to gifting purposes, you are not without options here. A signet ring is a men’s ring that can make a great gift. It’s masculine and elegant. A combination that works well for most men. These can be custom-made with the exclusive family crest, initials or a particular hobby of the person. But that’s not all! There are rings for men moulded in the shape of a lion or a leopard’s head, signifying power and precision. A bespoke piece like any of the above is bound to make any man feel rather special!

Gold Chain

If we start looking at the history of men’s gold chain, it will take us back some seventy-five thousand years back! It is believed that Egyptian men wore it to keep evil spirits at bay. But wait! Gold chain was also considered extremely lucky. It was a sign of power, wealth and eternal love. And not much has changed today in that regard. Even today gold chain in certain societies is a symbol of status and wealth. Whatever the social connotations might be, men’s chain indeed has a market of its own, and they love to adorn some bit of bling around their neck. If you are looking to gift your special someone a magnificent and timeless gift, then a chain would hit the bullseye without a doubt. Our advice, be sure to know a few details before you step out for chain shopping. For instance, the style, length and karat weight. And with that, when you are done buying the perfect chain, you can confidently say, all that glitters is most certainly Gold!


As we progress into a new year, let’s also aim to smash fixed gender roles that are incredibly outdated. Jewellery has been a symbol around which certain archaic ideas have survived. Men wear jewellery, and as women, you can very much buy and gift it to men. Because when one receives jewellery as a gift, the exquisite feeling that surges aren’t limited to a specific gender. So, make your man feel exceptional and ‘gift’ them a piece of jewellery!

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