If you’re looking for rare karats of gold to add to your growing jewellery collection, 22 karat gold is something you should keep your eyes on. 22 karat gold is the highest and most unique material used in jewellery today. But with all the jewellery and metal jargon, many of us are still unsure about what 22 karat gold is and if it is worth buying.

One of the best ways to learn more about gold is by heading to reputable jewellers who are experts at their trade. They can answer all your questions regarding gold, such as what it’s composed of, if they’re worth investing in and more. 

In this article, we’ll do just that—we’ll share with you everything you need to know about 22 karat gold. Let’s take a look!

What Does 22 Karat Gold Mean?

22 karat gold (22 kt) means that 22 parts of the gold you have are pure gold. The remaining parts are mixed with metals and alloys. With that being said, 22kt gold has a purity of 91.6 percent and is often mixed with zinc, copper, palladium, and silver. 

Although it only has a tiny percentage of alloys in its mixture, 22kt gold has one of the best qualities. With this blend, you can ensure that it has impressive strength, hardness, and durability for jewellery. Unlike 24kt gold, which is susceptible to bending, you won’t find that issue with 22kt gold.

What’s the Difference Between 22kt and 24kt Gold?

24kt gold is the purest gold in the market as it’s made up of 100 percent pure gold. However, this makes this type of gold extremely soft, delicate, and ineffective for crafting jewellery. On the other hand, even with some alloys, 22kt gold has a hardness that is great for jewellery design.

Although it’s strong enough to craft gold jewellery, 22kt gold isn’t strong enough to hold gemstones or diamonds since there aren’t enough alloys present. But if you’re looking to purchase gold as an investment, choosing 22kt gold is much more preferred because of its versatility. 

Is 18kt Gold and 22kt Gold Worth Comparing?

Because both types of gold have a high percentage of gold in their mixture, 18k and 22k karat gold are always compared. But since 22k gold has more pure gold than 18k gold, it is priced slightly higher than the latter. 

Additionally, although 22k jewellery exists, it’s still incredibly rare. This is because 18k gold in jewellery is meant to last long and stay durable. However, it isn’t advised that you use 18k jewellery every day; that’s why this type of jewellery is often worn and purchased for special occasions. 

Is There Such Thing as 22kt White Gold?

Sadly, 22kt gold doesn’t exist in white gold materials. This is because of the high percentage of pure gold found in 22k gold. There are several reasons 22k white gold doesn’t exist:

  • White gold does not exist naturally, unlike yellow gold;
  • Mixed materials found in white gold are different from yellow gold;
  • You cannot combine additional metals into 22k gold;
  • White gold requires more alloy percentage.

However, the beauty of 22kt gold is a Rhodium polish can be placed on top of 22kt gold to provide the effects of white gold to help provide additional style and variety of looks to 22kt gold jewellery.

The Bottom Line: 22k Gold Is Worth the Investment

Seeing as 22kt gold is rare for jewellery if you keep on owning jewellery that will appreciate in time, this type of gold is your best bet. Now that you know what makes 22k gold so rare, it’s best to purchase 22kt gold from reputable jewellers to ensure that you get authentic and high-quality gold. 

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