There’s something magnificently tempting about jewellery. And if we were to tell you that jewellery under discussion today comes from the ancient corridors of history and was worn by both men and women since the Mohenjo -Daro period, wouldn’t it make things all the more irresistible? Well! We are speaking of bangles. Surprised? Don’t be. The fact that you have been wearing a piece of history on you should make matters more intriguing. 

Read on to know more about bangles. 

The word bangle emerges from ‘Bungri,’ which means glass in the Hindi language. Although now they have made their presence felt across the globe, there was a time when women in the South Asian region traditionally adorned bangles—making them a treasured and prevalent part of Indian, Pakistani, Nepalese and Bangladeshi cultures. Different versions of bangles are now prominently featured as an essential fashion accessory and hence are no longer limited to a traditional definition. 

So, what are the different types of bangles that are making a name for themselves?  

The aesthetic inception of bangles cannot be limited to a particular style, design or structure. And yes, we will be looking into the types of structure and material that make a bangle. It’s essential to bear in mind that their design and style truly give them the status of being a prized possession.  

When it comes to structures, bangles are often found in three different kinds – Solid cylinder bangles, Split cylindrical split bangles and Cuff bangles. The solid cylinder bangles are the ones that are the most popular and recognizable as they are the original type worn by women in South Asian cultures. These bangles are shaped round and have a continuous cylinder that slides over the wrist. In contrast, the split cylindrical bangles are, as the name suggests, split from the middle and come with an open and close feature. As a result of which these bangles are snug in the fitting. Finally, the cuff bangles are a late entrant in comparison to the rest. They are far chunkier and sturdier in appearance. 

Another aspect of bangles is the metals used in making them. The market is brimming with fancy and fine jewellery where bangles are concerned – typical metals used in the bangles are gold, silver and platinum. You can find more varieties within gold with rose, white and yellow according to your taste and occasion. 

Finally, the style – it’s the style that breathes life into these bangles and is behind keeping this piece of historical jewellery relevant and very much in demand. More importantly, when it comes to style, jewellery lovers today are spoilt for choices. Are you the kind who loves to indulge in luxury and prefers bangles studded with precious gems? If you are nodding in a big yes, then here’s another historical snippet for you. These embellished designs in bangles originated in Europe during what was known as the Art Deco period. The concept of antique jewellery caught on like wildfire from then onwards and has become a cult of its own. 

Another trendy style in bangles is the interlocked bangles. Cartier lovers take notice. These are almost like the trinity rings that are found under the banner of Cartier. Like the trinity rings, the bangles are interlocked and worn as a stack of three, giving way to a boho look. They can often mix three different kinds of metals and colours to further spice things up. 

Finally, the style that has without a doubt remained timeless. Whether in metal or glass, the plain bangles invariably command a higher place in the jewellery world. A set of plain bangles becomes the perfect choice for many occasions and outfits. They can be very understated and hence enhance your look without much effort. 


So, as a bangle lover, you can see how spoilt for choice you are and while there are all kinds of designs, materials and structures when it comes to bangles, for instance, gold, diamond, platinum, silver, bronze, terracotta and of course the much-loved glass bangles. It’s no secret that traditional outfits and occasions see a bump in gold bangles studded with semi-precious or precious stones. Make this festive season a time to experiment with these timeless pieces and indulge in something new. 

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