The old-world charm and elegance that enwraps an emerald-cut diamond are hard to surpass no matter who you are! The cut speaks volumes about its owner and has always been symbolic of royalty and high taste. It’s said that women who opt for an emerald-cut diamond know their minds and hardly ever look for approval from others! Celebrities like Amal Clooney, Angelina Jolie, Jenifer Lopez and Beyoncé are some of the names that come to mind who own impressive emerald-cut rings. So, the saying about women who love an emerald-cut diamond actually holds true! 

This Art Dec stone has made quite a flashy comeback, and no wonder it’s the cut of the season. Its brilliance lies in its dramatic yet uber-cool appeal, which is why it’s the most sought-after engagement ring on the market. The fact that it can offer a vintage look in a contemporary setting makes women repeatedly fall in love with this kind of cut. 

Here’s a bit of history before we proceed any further. Did you know it was in the 1920s when the term emerald cut was officially used? The Art Deco period is responsible for its dizzying popularity. Especially the clean lines and symmetry that an emerald cut had to offer made it almost a household choice at the time. The fact that it has continued to claim similar adulation and admiration so many years since only goes to its credit! 

Here are more reasons to love an emerald-cut diamond ring this season. Read on to know more. 

1) Emerald cuts are one of the unique cuts in the world. Don’t take our word for it. According to gemologists and jewellers, emerald-cut diamonds make up just three percent of the world’s diamonds, giving them a far more rare appeal. Who wouldn’t want to own one of the unique cuts that might not be around forever! Owing to its shape, an emerald-cut diamond ring, in comparison to other shapes, will have a higher clarity. The long lines of an emerald-cut diamond are all about glamour and precision. Now that’s an impressive combination to find. Wouldn’t you agree? 

2) Their dazzling traits make an emerald-cut diamond worth every penny! It’s true that when compared to its round-cut cousin, an emerald-cut diamond ring won’t dazzle as much. But this cut is known for its hall-of-mirrors effect and linear facets. It is elongated, highly versatile, and complements almost any setting or design. Moreover, the fact that an emerald-cut diamond ring is tapered at the edges helps protect the diamond from any unforeseen damage, thus making it more durable. It’s a classic mix of royalty and realism. What’s not to like, eh?


An emerald-cut diamond ring can be both opulent and exuberant. It can also be classy and cool. It has an appeal of style and sophistication that women cannot resist. And the fact that it remains a rare commodity only adds to its charisma and charm. Would it be wrong to call an emerald-cut diamond ring the stuff that dreams are made of? Only, you don’t have to dream of wearing one of these. Get in touch and see how quickly your dreams are turned into a shiny and dazzling reality! 

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