You love your partner and want your ring to be just as unique. It’s a reminder of your commitment and the beginning of a new life with your companion. What better way of commemorating this special moment with a customized diamond ring? The dazzle of the diamond and its precious memories will continue to sparkle your fingers and heart for a long time. 

Customizing your engagement ring isn’t just about the fun of picking out something unique and special to you. But that’s not al! You are almost guaranteed to get more value for money when you opt for customization. 

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when looking at all the available options. But don’t worry! We promise to guide you through this extraordinary journey where the gorgeous ring of your dreams awaits you! 

When purchasing a diamond ring, there are many concerns to get over. For instance, finding the perfect diamond, a timeless setting, and ensuring you get your money’s worth. It’s why your engagement ring should be custom-made. 

In this article, we’ll tell you about the most significant advantages of customized diamond rings and also give an overview of what models and shapes are trending in 2022. 

You see, diamonds are graded and priced based on their cut, colour, clarity, carat weight and shape. The cut grade describes how well-cut a diamond is – how well all its facets (the sides) have been polished to bring out the best. The grade of cut determines how much light travels through the diamond. It reflects out again—which makes the diamond sparkle so brightly!

The most popular cuts for engagement rings are round brilliant (a round diamond with 58 facets on its girdle), square brilliant (a square-ish diamond with 58 facets), princess cuts (a square-ish diamond with 64 facets), Asscher cuts (a rectangular-ish diamond with 68 facets), emerald cuts (an oval-ish diamond with 72 facets) and heart shapes.

First things first: where should you start? We recommend starting with the cut of a diamond that’s right for an engagement ring. There are many types of cuts when it comes to diamonds. However, among myriad cuts, the emerald, pear-shaped, oval cuts, princess-cut, and round diamonds (also known as the round brilliant) have continued to rule the hearts of jewellery lovers. The cut refers to how well light reflects off each stone in the ring. Round brilliant cuts tend to reflect more light than princess cuts, so if you want something that sparkles in the sun, go for a brilliant round cut!

Moreover, when choosing your engagement ring, you have so many options to consider. Of course, there’s the shape, as we discussed. But there is also the 4 Cs: Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat weight. However, within these large parameters, you can choose a custom diamond ring design that suits your personality and value for money to create a perfect piece of jewelry for you. 

Customization is the ultimate way to make your ring stand out from the crowd and truly personalize it. An engagement ring is a significant investment, so you should never settle for anything less than what you want.


In short, custom-made diamond rings are an excellent choice for your engagement ring. By creating your ring, you can select specific qualities that match the shine and sparkle of your partner. You can ensure that the ring is as beautiful, unique, and timeless as she is. Now is the best time to start looking at designs.

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