Who doesn’t like a gift? The excitement of getting through the wrappers and the fancy ribbons even before uncovering the package makes one a tad bit giddy with excitement! And haven’t we all heard that all good things come in small packages! This is especially apt for jewellery presents. So, no matter the occasion. Even better if you are making an occasion! Jewellery, without a doubt, happens to be a gift that is bound to make anyone feel ecstatic and, what’s more, get you a lifetime of extra brownie points for gifting it. So, what’s not to like about giving away jewellery to your near and dear ones! 

Now that we have got this out of the way. Let’s have a look at what can make excellent jewellery ideas. It’s no surprise that gold jewellery has achieved cult status among women of all ages and lifestyles, which is a step away from the past when gold was considered too blingy or loud for no occasion or day wear. However, jewellery designers, influencers, and consumers can very well see the shift where gold jewellery has become a staple and is constantly being experimented with by its wearers. 

This yellow metal is no more attached to rigid definitions of heavy and opulent meanings. Now you can find textures and curves that complement a more dainty and minimalist look. The abstract shapes of jewellery have caught the imagination of women and men alike. 

Gifting gold jewellery is no more tedious or an ancient idea. The variety in design and colours (white and rose gold) are as diverse as their shapes and textures. 

Here are a few brilliant jewellery gift ideas in 22KT gold that you cannot miss. 

1. Gold Chains: These strands of yellow, white or rose coloured are perfect giveaways to both men and women. Gold chains have been around as long as the yellow metal itself! Gold chains have evolved through history and continue to dazzle people of all ages. Don’t believe us? Well! How about we tell you that gold chains happen to be one of the most loved jewellery items amongst the millennials! The influencers cannot have enough of it, and the beauty of these chains is that you can go as big/bright or as subtle with them. They are perfect to be worn on their own or make it eye-catchy by layering it up with multiple chains. The choice is yours. And since we are speaking of gifts, they make excellent gifting ideas as there’s hardly ever a soul who doesn’t love a glittering gold chain! 

2. Bangles or bracelets: These are timeless pieces that have stood the test of time. When it comes to gifting bangles or bracelets can be a brilliant gesture of your love and appreciation. And once again, while women swoon over a pair of gorgeous gold bangles, studded with gemstones or plain but never the dull kind. Men, too, have had a soft corner for abstract bracelets high on the jewellery trend charts for quite some time. The variety available in bangles and bracelets will leave you wanting more. So, whether it’s a formal occasion or you are simply gifting to make moments in life special. Bangles and bracelets will never disappoint you! Don’t believe us? Well! Make a gift and see how you become the most admired person in the room! 


The beauty of jewellery is not merely in its look, but its aesthetics go well into how they can make us feel! It can uplift anyone at any given point. It’s pleasing to the eye and the heart alike. What’s more, it can dazzle and impress when received as a gift! What’s not to like, eh? 

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