Choosing to start a family will always occupy a special place in your heart, whether it’s your wife who is on the verge of motherhood. Or a sibling or daughter – it’s bound to tug at your heart. So, whether it’s an expectant or a new mother, both undoubtedly are in a phase of their lives that demands to be celebrated and cherished. What better way to shower your love, appreciation and admiration for the woman in your life if not by gifting jewellery? Without a shadow of a doubt, jewellery gifts make the perfect gifts that are not only loved but also make the person who gives them rather special. What’s not to like, eh?

Many jewellery ideas that work for Mother’s Day get picked and customized for new or expectant mothers. With a little dose of imagination and some basic idea about the person who is about to receive the gift. For instance, what is their favourite metal of choice? Do they have eyes for precious stones? Or do they prefer simple and plain jewellery? Do they like big pieces or dainty ones? So, once you have the answers to at least some of the above, you can start making your mind up regarding the fine jewellery gift idea! Now without further adieu, let’s dive into the gift ideas that can work wonders for new or expectant mothers. Read on to know more, 

1. Mother’s Rings: As mentioned earlier, this has been a favourite Mother’s Day gift. However, you can use some of the traditional ideas regarding the Mother’s Ring and customize it to suit your special occasion. How? Here’s how – Traditional Mother’s Ring has the child’s name or children along with their birthstones. How about you customize it to your wife’s initials and birthstone to commemorate your child’s birth? What’s more, you could choose white or rose gold and include a precious stone that could complete the look of this unique ring. And if you still want to make a bigger splash, go for couture jewellery, which will leave your remarkable woman breathless! (Read Cartier). This would be a beautiful reminder of these exciting times when you as a couple were ready to embark on a new journey! 

2. Diamond Bracelet: Nothing says unique in a more dazzling manner than diamonds. What could be more fitting for the person bringing a new life into your world, your family, than a sparkling diamond bracelet? You could choose from myriad shapes and cuts! So whether you pick emerald shape diamonds or pear-shaped ones, you are bound to get that million-dollar reaction from your lady love! The legend around a diamond that it is forever is true mainly because it eternalizes these special events for a lifetime! What’s not to like? 


Jewellery makes the heart sing and the knees weak. And when it’s to honour the love of your life and commemorate a special event such as the birth of a new life, it makes sense to pamper and spoil the mother! After all, moments like these allow us an opportunity to cherish, celebrate, and capture the most meaningful times of our lives! 

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