It’s time to dazzle bright and show that lovely spark inside you! Why not? After all, it’s summer! Everything is just a tad bit more brilliant and more beautiful. From the bloom in your garden to the playfulness in your heart, what better way to make most of this season than by adorning jewels that have always been the way to anyone’s heart! So, here we are, bringing you into the best-kept secrets to look your hottest best and add to the festivities of the summer season. Read on to know more. 

The season of bright long days and cool evenings is all about jewellery that can keep up with our desires to make the most of the lost years of the pandemic. We are out again, and we are celebrating being alive. Could there be a more befitting tribute to the resilience of the human race than through pieces that make our hearts beat stronger than ever! This summer, the jewellery trends are all about the versatile electric colours that match any occasion. Here’s what to remember when picking out your jewellery this season. 

1. Stone cuts like Briolettes are a hot favourite this season. The new stone cuts have arrived, and everyone is taking notice of these dazzling pieces. One of the magical things about the jewellery world is its ability to keep evolving and producing novel cuts and shapes of stones that are hard to resist. The Briolette cut is the oldest gem cutting technique. It lends its grandeur to the chandelier effect where the pear-shaped gemstones, whether short or elongated, make the piece spark and the wearer worth envy! So, whether you opt for diamond chandelier earrings or a ruby pear-shaped pendant, you are bound to set the temperature soaring! So, what will it be for you in Briolletes this season? 

2. Gold is where you find it! The Incas have called gold the “tears of the Sun.” Nothing compliments the summer season more than this glistening yellow metal that has been the pride of civilizations, men’s obsessive quest, and the very desire for women. This summer season is all about going bold or subtle with the gold of your choice. Indulge in simple chains or bracelets. If you want to make a more prominent statement go with layering and choose different colours. Rose gold and white gold are no more distant cousins of the shiny yellow metal. They have gained quite a status with celebrities and millennials ruling the red-carpet look with the diversity that gold offers. So go heavy or go light. In gold, you are bound to glow!  

3. Emerald is the way to royalty this season! Going green with envy has never been more apt a saying! Simply because the world has fallen irrevocably in love with this regal stone. Emerald is here to stay, and no matter what setting you choose, this majestic stone for it will deliver by making you the center of attention. You can choose a single stone and set it on a bed of diamonds resulting in a ring that would catch the light of the sun itself! Or you could go for a string of them and have it dazzle around your neck! What better way to announce that summer is indeed here! 


Summer is all about taking centre stage and following your heart. We can borrow the versatility and the longevity of jewellery through its ever-changing techniques, styles and colour palette and create something that our heart desires. Wearing jewellery is so much more than accessorizing. It’s almost like satiating a part of your soul that understands the grandiose attached to every piece you own! Go on and add a dash of colour to this summer season. 

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