When speaking of traditional jewellery while making an impact, nothing leaves jewellery connoisseurs speechless as the sight of an opulent Rani Haar – literally translated as the Queen’s necklace. This piece of jewellery packs a distinct presence because of what it symbolizes. An amalgam of rich history and long-lived traditions, a Rani Haar is exquisite and extraordinary amongst the different kinds of jewellery. 

Weddings are most naturally the place for this kind of adornment. However, when it’s about Indian culture and festivities, a Rani Haar is not uncommon to be found as the go-to piece for various elaborate occasions other than weddings. 

So, let’s rub shoulders with the world of royalty and regality because that’s where you are most likely to find a Rani Haar

What Is a Rani Haar?

While a Rani Haar is a type of jewellery with traditional roots, the word itself means Queen’s necklace. A piece that is bound to leave its mark on those in its presence. This jewellery is like a long chain with intricate designs that come in various combinations. For instance, a Rani Haar in the temple jewellery range is made of only gold with detailed designs or can come studded with rubies, emeralds and other precious stones. Moreover, a Rani Haar can also be made of oversized diamonds, also known as the Kundan work is another popular variety within this kind of jewellery. The style varies on personal taste and preference. However, what remains intact is the glamour quotient attached to a Rani Haar! Designed keeping in mind a minimalist to an opulent effect, this neck piece has been customized to suit the personality and preference of its wearer. Traditionally, a neck piece of this size and length will entail between forty and fifty grams. It can also include a big pendant made of precious stones or carved out of gold itself. 

And now, here are the three main reasons why jewellery lovers continue to be wooed and wowed by the Queen’s necklace! 

1) It’s Royalty on Your Fingertips!

Those who own a Rani Haar or have seen one know the majestic and magnificent air it commands. You no longer have to dream about being born into a blue-blooded family. A piece that speaks of regality and can instantly transform you into your brand of royalty is right here for you to own and claim! Why deny yourself that? 

2) A Design for Every Palette

One would ideally think it’s a piece that would make the most appearance in events like a wedding! True! But to relegate a Rani Haar to only weddings is limiting the dazzling quality of this neckpiece. It can be made to suit any occasion experimenting with the size and cut of the stones, the metal and the colours. It can be made to make a bold statement with bright colours but equally toned down for a graceful contemporary appearance. The beauty of this neckpiece lies in its ability to transform while keeping the spectacular as the only constant! 

3) It Can Compliment Other Styles of Neckpieces

While a Rani Haar is enough on its own to make an impressive statement. This piece surprisingly shines brightest with another neckpiece style, the choker style. And that’s a big reason why jewellery lovers cannot seem to have enough of this long, bejewelled neckpiece known as the Rani Haar

P.S. (Stay tuned for our next blog on Chokers!)


The rich tapestry of traditions and customs is often carried forward through jewellery, where it becomes more than a piece of adornment and embodies history and civilization itself. A Rani Haar is an exquisite amalgam of traditions and history that will tempt you till you yield to it! 

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