The fall season is upon us, and whether you’re looking to revamp your entire wardrobe or spruce up your accessories, three pieces of jewellery will breathe new life into your look. These pieces were chosen not only because they can go with almost everything in your closet but also because they each will make you feel more confident! So let’s get started!

1) A Gold Disc Necklace Is a Versatile and Delicate Piece of Jewellery

A gold disc necklace is a versatile and delicate piece of jewellery worn with any outfit and is also known as a choker. Lately, this piece has attracted massive attention from jewellery lovers of all tastes and sensibilities! The thing about this piece of jewellery is that it allows you to experiment with traditional and more current styles. So, whether it’s all gold or an amalgam of precious stones and white, yellow, or rose gold, you can rest assured of one thing: it is an excellent way of making yourself sparkle bright and goes with any outfit!

2) An Emerald Necklace Is Your Go-To Accessory for a Night Out

The emerald green is what the stuff dreams are made of! They are timeless and enigmatic! An emerald almost instantly has the charm of pulling you towards it! And this fall season, the magical spell of this precious stone only seemed to have increased. However, emeralds are the traditional gemstone for May. The pleasures of wearing it are all year round! Also, emeralds are associated with springtime and rebirth—so if you want to help your loved ones get ready for a new season (or year), then this could be just what they need! An emerald centre piece as a necklace is all required to dazzle this fall season. Green is the colour of envy but is almost always inspired by this gorgeous stone. 

3) A Pair of Diamond Studs Are the Perfect Earrings for Everyday Wear or an Evening Out!

Diamonds are known for their incredible durability! But they are also known for dazzling straight into our hearts. They catch the light and the sun in our eyes. A diamond, for so many reasons, is most certainly forever. But that’s not all! Diamonds are also the most expensive gemstone in the world, so if you’ve got a tight budget but still want to be stylish, diamond stud earrings might be just what you need! A pair of diamond studs can take your look from drab to fab in no time flat! This timeless accessory is bound to make you fall in love with yourself! Don’t just take our word for it. Try on a pair of diamonds and let them do the talking! 


Updating your jewellery collection, even with just one or two pieces, can make you look and feel like a million dollars. Jewellery is a vital part of our outfit. It allows us to make a statement, add personality to an outfit, and compliment your style. Are you wondering how to prop up your style statement this fall season? Well, the experts at the Punjab Jewellers have got you! 

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